Meditation Jumpstart


Introductory Meditation course

If you’re here reading this page, you must have an interest in meditation.  

Maybe you’ve even tried it at a workshop at work, read a book about meditation or tried an app on your phone.  Compared to just a few years ago when most people wouldn’t even consider trying meditation, so many people today have considered it or even tried it.  

But the truth is, not many people have a daily practice.

I hear a variation of this over and over again.  

“I’ve tried it and really liked it, I was more calm, less stressed out, slept better, a nicer and happier person but (often said with a tinge of shame) I haven’t been able to stick with it.”  

First of all, please don’t beat yourself up for not being able to stick with it.

In this course, we will address some of the key reasons why many people lose motivation.

We will build this new habit and get our intentions clear so that we can keep our motivation energized no matter what is happening in our lives.

We will also dispel many meditation myths out there that can be blocks to a long healthy practice.  (Throughout the course, you’ll see Meditation Myths called out in this format and discussed)

Meditation Myth: I should be good at this right from the start.

Meditation is a skill. It takes practice. It takes guidance and the right techniques. It’s also good to know what we’re trying to be good at.  Meditation is a tool and a means to become better at life. We need to remember that being good at meditation itself is not the goal although we do become more skillful with more experience.  

Are you becoming a better lover of life, a happier person, someone who has positive effect on others.  Are you becoming a better parent, a better friend, a better daughter? Is your presence here on earth having a positive influence on the planet and its people?  Do you feel that you will be satisfied and proud of your life on your deathbed? Those are the real goals of a meditation practice.

This 4-week course includes

  • Setting up for meditation

    • Time and space

  • Our intentions for meditation

    • Why are we meditating

  • Integrating meditation into our daily lives

    • Meditation moments practices 

  • A new guided meditation each week so that you will learn 4 different techniques in the course

  • Bonus material: Guided sleep meditation


About Wendy Lau, MD:

While training and working as an Emergency Medicine physician at some of New York’s busiest hospitals, Dr. Wendy Lau began recognizing the challenge that working in the ER was having on her mind and body. She turned to yoga and meditation, first as a coping strategy, but it soon opened up a much deeper path of consciousness and spiritual growth. She brought her awakening to the ER, completely transforming the way she practiced medicine. It enabled her to be calm, focused and present with every patient, whatever the challenges she faced. She found that her meditation practice help