If you’re an Emergency Medicine physician, you must be aware of the high level of burnout in our specialty.  Private coaching is the best way to invest in your career longevity and happiness.  In these one-hour private coaching sessions, you will learn practical skills based on emotional intelligence, positive psychology and Eastern contemplative traditions including meditation and yoga that you can immediately apply to your life.  As an EP, there are so many potentially stressful moments in our regular workday.  With guidance, you can connect with your patients better and be able to let go of stress so you can be more present at home with your family and friends.  Most importantly, you will learn more about yourself, how to be happy and fulfilled and see what is holding you back.  As no two people are alike, these sessions will be customized for you.  I believe that a meditation practice can be a powerful vehicle for personal transformation, you will learn strategies to implement this smoothly into your busy smoothly.  I guarantee that you will thank yourself later!

For other physicians and people in other professions, the same tools and practices can help you too!  Feel free to contact me and we can set up a time to talk and see if we're a good fit to work together.