Another Amazing Nomads Clinic!



What an amazing experience once again!

We saw over trekked over 200 miles in some of the most rural places in Dolpo Nepal and saw over 1000 patients.  Most of those patients were seen in the 5 clinics that were set up in villages along the way but we also helped numerous patients on the way and those tend to be the worst cases.  A young girl with a fractured elbow was arranged to have surgery 3 days walk away at a hospital, an old man with a gangrenous foot, a woman who fell from a ladder... We were so honored to be able to serve the beautiful and resilient people of Dolpo!  

We were honored to not only have Roshi Joan Halifax to guide us but also Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche to come along on the trip this year.  We were able to attend pujas and visit remote temples that are rarely visited by tourists.  We were also invited to numerous people's homes and blessing ceremonies. 

We're already starting the planning for Nomads Clinic 2018 and looking for a few clinicians and support staff to join us.  Please email me at or contact me via the contact form for more information!