What is Wellness?

Wellness is a deep self-knowledge that allows us to live the life we want.  It is a developing sensitivity to what makes us happy.  So therefore, it is also developing a sensitivity to what makes us unhappy, what stresses us out, what no longer serves us.  

Wellness is not another technique to perfect, another medical journal to read or more information to memorize.  It is not exercising or sleeping more or eating better.  It is not about doing more yoga and meditation.  It is also not about being more resilient to unreasonable demands or working conditions for the rest of our lives and learning to live with a life we are not happy with or passionate about.

Yes, we will probably end up eating better, sleeping and exercising more when we are well. We may even take up yoga or meditation.  But when we do these things from a place of wellness, we are doing them because we truly believe that we are worth the efforts, that our happiness and fulfillment are worth the efforts.  Not just because we should.

As physicians, this little word “should” runs our lives.  As we progress through medical education, training and then practicing, the mounting responsibilities to our patients, our families, our communities keeps us chasing all the “shoulds”.  These “shoulds” come from external pressures and make us forget why we do what we do.  Why we had committed to a life of service, what drives us, what we’re passionate about, what we feel proud of and what we want our lives to be like for the time we have left.  

Our wellness program will ask these hard questions and guide you to your own individual answers.  You will also learn tools for dealing with the inherent stressors of being a physician.  The most important objective is to help you develop the sensitivity to discern between changes you need to make internally and changes you need to make to your environment in order to live fully and find passion in your work.