Mount Sinai Emergency Medicine Workshop


I'm so psyched that I was invited to lead a workshop during the Mt Sinai Emergency Medicine Residency's wellness day!  They rented out a cool restaurant, had food catered and had 40-50 residents there.  I had a little over an hour for a session with everyone, then they had an alumni panel and arts and crafts activities.  It was really nice to meet the younger generation of emergency physicians who were so insightful and had great comments and questions! 

During my session, we talked about how most physicians had started off their journey into medicine with a passion for service but many have lost sight of this along the way.  A resident commented that we have all met attendings who had been working for a number of years who had clearly lost their way at some point.  The question is, how do we prevent this from happening so that we can be the best physicians we can be and have long satisfying careers?

These are some of the questions we will be exploring in the Heart of Service - Physician Meditation and Coaching Program.  We will be taking applications for this 6-week course through Feb 2018 and will be starting in March.  For more info, please click on the Classes link at the top.

Feel free to reach out for any questions!


Another Amazing Nomads Clinic!



What an amazing experience once again!

We saw over trekked over 200 miles in some of the most rural places in Dolpo Nepal and saw over 1000 patients.  Most of those patients were seen in the 5 clinics that were set up in villages along the way but we also helped numerous patients on the way and those tend to be the worst cases.  A young girl with a fractured elbow was arranged to have surgery 3 days walk away at a hospital, an old man with a gangrenous foot, a woman who fell from a ladder... We were so honored to be able to serve the beautiful and resilient people of Dolpo!  

We were honored to not only have Roshi Joan Halifax to guide us but also Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche to come along on the trip this year.  We were able to attend pujas and visit remote temples that are rarely visited by tourists.  We were also invited to numerous people's homes and blessing ceremonies. 

We're already starting the planning for Nomads Clinic 2018 and looking for a few clinicians and support staff to join us.  Please email me at or contact me via the contact form for more information!



Nomads Clinic 2017

Here in Kathmandu about to sign off and take off to the Dolpo region of Nepal to serve with the Nomads Clinic with a great group of clinicians and amazing support staff. So honored to be able to do this again, bringing together seva (selfless service) and pilgrimage and recognizing that while the service we provide is much welcomed, the reward we receive from this experience is far greater. 🔥🙏🏽

May the power of pilgrimage and service release us into Love more and more. ❤️

If you want to follow our progress in the Himalayas, I will try to keep this map updated.

More updates when I return in early October!


The raw beating heart of Emergency Medicine

I was really honored to be able to return to my residency alma mater, SUNY Downstate/Kings County Emergency Medicine, this past Wednesday to go a 2-hour wellness talk.  Everyone was so enthusiastic and engaged!  To be honest, I was nervous going back to give this talk.  I remember when I was resident I didn’t give a damn about wellness.  I figured I could just power through residency and all will be OK.  In fact, I went so far as to feel that any discussion of anything soft and non-clinical was a sign of weakness.  Oh, how life throws curveballs!  And now I’m standing in front of 100 residents and faculty, talking about the hidden emotional life of physicians and guiding meditations.

Two days before the lecture, I had the whole thing planned and written but I wasn’t completely happy with it.  I realized that the brain was there with all the interesting tidbits about meditation and wellness, but the heart was missing.  There is so much talk about wellness in terms of stress reduction, how to focus better, how to work better, sleep better, eat better.  All of this is important but we tend to shy away from the raw, beating heart of it all.

After some hyperventilating and nervous pacing, I decided to change my lecture to start with this:

This is a viral photo of an Emergency Medicine physician in Southern California immediately after losing a 19 year old patient last year.  Every time I look at this photo, I get a pit my stomach and a familiar sting in my eyes.  Every emergency physician knows this, it’s as much part of our job as suturing or thoracotomy but it’s not something we talk about.

In the Emergency Department, we have a unique vantage point of humanity.  It’s raw.  We see deaths, births, terminal diagnoses and everything in between.  

We’ve been taught to hold it all in.  We are afraid that our humanity would somehow interfere with our clinical persona.  We are afraid that if we get too in touch with that part of ourselves that grieves, loves, connects, rages, we will no longer be able to function as impartial agents of medicine.  But the truth is, we are human.  Denying our humanity is partially what burns us out and causes secondary traumatic stress from witnessing life in it’s most distressing forms.  When we push away death and suffering, we also push away full-spectrum living and beauty.  Life in the Emergency Department can be tragic.  But life itself is tragically beautiful.  We’ve spent too long futilely pulling away from our humanity to deal with the realities of being a physician.  I’m passionate about being part of the new paradigm of truly integrated physicians.  Physicians who invest deeply in ourselves, and with some skills and practices, are able to lean courageously into our humanity to become better physicians.  

Reach out if you're interested in exploring this exciting new paradigm with me!

May Newsletter!

Hello Everyone!  Spring is finally here!

I have a special treat for you!

We're planning some special events for the weekly Living Meditation class in Dumbo.  

The creator of the Living Meditation Method, David Harshada Wagner, will be in town for his NYC tour starting this week!  Instead of my regular class, he will be teaching an Intro Program on Weds 5/3 and then an Intensive Program on 5/9-10.  The Intensive Program will give you the tools you need to have a great practice at home and then my weekly class will be the perfect support to continue your practice!

5/3 7:30-9:30pm Intro program with David H Wagner

5/9-10 7:30-9:30pm Intensive with David H Wagner

5/17 on, every Wednesday 7:30-9:00pm Weekly meditation class with me

RSVP for the Intensive ASAP.  Space is very limited! Be sure to reach out if you have questions.


Private Meditation Sessions

I'll be opening a couple more spots starting mid-May.  Please contact me now if you're interested!  In these private sessions, I'll teach you to meditate using the Living Meditation Method and the process of G.R.A.C.E. to bring more compassion into your interactions with others. If you're ready to live with your heart on fire, email me to set up a 30-min initial meeting!


Other News

I had such a fun day at Rye Country Day School a couple weeks ago.  I was invited to speak at the high school assembly about the Nomads Clinic, what true service means to me and even led the entire school of 400 teenagers in meditation where they got in touch with what it means to live a life of purpose!  Here are some pictures from the day.

Much love,


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High School Assembly!

What a fun day yesterday!  My college friend Alison Doernberg, who is the Director of Public Purpose at Rye Country Day School, contacted me a couple months ago to see if I would come to her school to give a talk to their Upper School during assembly about the Nomads Clinic for a talk series on global citizenship.  I hadn't seen Alison since college graduation (1999!) and she reached out after seeing my pictures from Nepal!  Yay for the magics of social media!

I ended up talking about the Nomads Clinic, what true service means to me and even led all 400 kids in a meditation to get in touch with what it means to live a life of purpose and passion! I was so impressed with how attentive and engaged everyone was!  

After assembly, we had lunch with a group of students and faculties, then visited a 7th grade English class.  Everyone was so interested and asked me so many questions.  It was really fun!  The 7th graders even researched Nomads Clinic and my website beforehand and had a list of questions prepared!

Here are some pictures from the day:

 Leading 400 high school students in meditation!

Leading 400 high school students in meditation!

 Talking about Nomads Clinic and what true service means

Talking about Nomads Clinic and what true service means

 Catching up with Alison after 17 years

Catching up with Alison after 17 years

March Newsletter!


Hello everyone!

I have some big news!  

Weekly Living Meditation Class
I have a new weekly meditation class starting on Wednesday!

These weekly classes are going to enable you to get excited about meditation so that you can be inspired to build or develop your own practice. We’ll be using meditation to deeply connect with the fire in your heart so you can take these practice out into your daily life and live with passion.

Class Details
Address: 30 Main Street, Apt 7C in DUMBO, Brooklyn
Time: Every Wed at 7.30pm - 9pm
Click on the event on the class calendar to RSVP
Suggested donation $20 at the door

Private Meditation Sessions
The other good news!  I have rearranged my schedule so that a few more spots for private meditation sessions have opened up. 

I'm so honored to have been given full permission by Roshi Joan Halifax to teach G.R.A.C.E., a process for bringing compassion into your interactions with others.  Especially for medical professionals, G.R.A.C.E. plus a robust contemplative practice, can dramatically improve the way you connect with your patients and your work.  But it's not only for medical professionals, anyone who interacts with others in their work or life can benefit from this.  

I deeply believe that private sessions learning the Living Meditation method and G.R.A.C.E. can change your life!  If you're ready to live with your heart on fire and want help deepening your practice, this is the chance to get in!  Email me to set up a 30-minute initial meeting.

Lots of love and respect,

 Dolpo, Nepal

Dolpo, Nepal

Living Meditation Class - Weds Nights!

New weekly meditation classes with Wendy Lau. These classes are going to enable you to get excited about meditation so that you can be inspired to build or develop your own practice. We’ll be using meditation to deeply connect with the fire in your heart so you can take these practice out into your daily life and live with passion.

Classes take place in Wendy’s loft in DUMBO, Brooklyn, every Wed at 7.30pm. Email Wendy for the location. Click on the event on the class calendar to RSVP.